Review: The Sugar Pop by Vibratex

The Sugar Pop is not as saccharine as it sounds, but for surprising reasons was a treat for this girl. When it arrived from Vibratex,  I was eager to review what is billed to be “like a twirling belly dancer on your gspot,” but the additional clitoral stimulation from this toy is what I enjoyed most.

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sugarpop accompanied by collection of shirley jackson stories and some beautiful eyewear because life is too short not to enjoy the best things.



Full disclosure: I’m not one who seeks after gspot stimulation for masturbatory pleasure.  And before I get any hate mail, let me kindly remind you of this.

I’m happy to get my clit and because I know how to work that far better than I do this seemingly mysterious interior part of my body where I’m not really sure if I’m doing things right or not.  For this reason, I was very excited to try The Sugar Pop. I had hoped it would be like magic for helping me get off without relying on my tried and true clitoral stimulation.

The Sugar Pop has sizeable girth and offered a terrifically occupied feeling. It’s shaft is on the shorter side but the head has moderately defined features which are designed to really tease your gspot. I had two problems with this: it did not do much for my gspot, and it made it more difficult than I prefer when cleaning since it comes with more nooks and crannies than a Thomas’s English Muffin.™

Look at all those nooks and crannies! Such texture. Much mess.




This toy is totally body safe: BPA, phthalate, and latex-free. It’s insertable at around 4-4.5 inches and the movable shaft twirls, along with the clitoral arm providing a lot of direct pressure sensation. It is a little loud, given there are all these moving parts, but not so much that it distracted me from my efforts.  I think if you’re worried about anyone knowing what you are doing behind closed doors with this vibe, it’s nothing that a little music on low volume wouldn’t disguise. On the spectrum between Buzztown and Rumbleville, this lives more on the side of a higher tonal rumble sound. For creative types who dig seemingly endless combinations of vibrations and sensations, this vibe is for you.



I tried using the Sugar Pop in a number of positions but it never clicked as far as gspot stimulation. Coupled with 6 buttons to master in order to masturbate, this toy is probably not what I recommend for a first timer as it can be a little overwhelming trying to remember which ones control which actions. It’s also pretty easy to accidentally hit one of the six and inopportune moments (this happened several times I used the Sugar Pop and I promise I don’t have giant hands).

It is worth noting, though it is probably for legal reasons, this vibe comes with a recommended time limit of 20 minutes per usage. While this recommended usage parameter is not exclusive to the Sugar Pop (plenty of other toys come with these), it did pose a little trouble for me. I haven’t always been a tortoise when it comes to the speed with which I climax, but certain health issues and new medicines have left me with a definite delay in trying to get across that finish line. I’ve been working through that and find I can still successfully orgasm, but I need the freedom of time and patience to get there. So like the age old fable, this rabbit is not the winner of the race. And by race, I mean some magical gspot category in sex olympics, because I still fully give it the highest marks for nice clitoral pleasure achievements.

Thanks again to Vibratex for providing the Sugar Pop in exchange for this honest review.